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Shipping & Delivery Policy

Last reviewed: November 2020

We know you’ll be keen to receive your order as quickly as possible. Please make sure you provide us with a valid delivery address and contact phone number so we can contact you if there are any issues with your consignment.

All purchases have a tracking code that will be provide and send to the customer's e-mail within 5 working days, which can be tracked from the departure from the country of origin to the arrival at your home. We will use our best efforts to meet the timeframes stated for delivery. Nonetheless, occasionally, our transportation specialist organizations may endure delays outside our ability to control. If you don't mind permit up to 13 to 25 days 'for conveying your request.

Based on our experience, 80% of products are delivered within 15 days of posting. If the order is for 2 or more products, they can be sent in separate freight and a tracking code will be issued for each product.
The products presented on Buying2u website may be in stock and will be shipped directly from our manufacturers located in Australia or overseas.

We ask attention to filling in the delivery address to ensure that it is made within the established deadline. Remembering that it cannot be changed after 24 hours of placing the order on the website, because within that period the product is already separated for shipping, and it will also not be possible to cancel the purchase after 24 hours.

For australians, as it is an international order, the tracking information on the Australia Post website may occur between 5 to 20 business days after the tracking code information. Products damaged in transit are the responsibility of the postal services.

The fulfilment of the delivery address must be reviewed by the buyer before confirmation of purchase, and if the product is returned by an incorrect address or insufficient data will be the responsibility of the customer. In case of attempted delivery by the Australian Post without result, remaining at the agency available to be withdrawn, but not being returned to the sender abroad. After confirmation of reshipment, the delivery period will be valid from the date of this confirmation that will be registered in the order register.
As it is an import service, any and all merchandise is subject to bureaucracy or customs taxation.

The Buying2u company is responsible for the possible costs (fees, charges and taxes) added by the government. The taxed customer has 48 hours to contact the company, sending the completed document via e-mail that corresponds to the tax.

In case of reshipment, a new delivery period will apply.

Any questions regarding deadlines, our team will always be available through the website's service channels or by e-mail:
When making a purchase, the customer will be in accordance with the conditions and rules determined by the Buying2u.